Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dream Day First Home Game Review

Wonderfully Romantic! Great Fun! Beautiful Scenes!

Those are just a few words to describe Dream Day First Home. This is the third release of the immensely popular Dream Day Series games. Even if you haven't had the pleasure yet of playing any of the Dream Day games in the series, you can start with this one. The series is set up so that you don't have to play the others first, unless you want to play them in storyline order. I started with this game without any problems jumping into the story. The first game of the series is Dream Day Wedding, and the second is Dream Day Honeymoon.

Ladies, we all wouldn't mind a little more romance in our lives, now would we?! How about some fun decorating thrown in? Helping a newlywed couple get started with their first home? A little mystery, too, maybe? Sounds fun, doesn't it? It absolutely is!! This game has it all. The current theme of the story is about a newly married couple, Jenny and Robert Gilman, just back from their dream honeymoon. You get to pick their first home out for them, help them get moved in, help them shop, decorate, make decisions, and aid them in overcoming a few inevitable homeowner crises. You'll get to do fun things like design rocking chairs, storage trunks, quilts, etc. At certain times you'll also be able to pick out new cabinets, new flooring, paint, etc. Don't forget the mystery part - you'll be able to unlock secret levels, bonuses, and more. Fun!!

As you pick up hidden objects from the rooms and locations, you're slowly helping the couple clear up the rooms - your finding objects helps them pack things away to get settled in. It's not annoying like going through our own homes picking up after our messy kids and husbands, boyfriends, etc. though. This is much more fun! We're helping the couple move in. You also are shown before and after pics - just like the shows on Home And Garden TV!

One of the great perks of the game is the Choose A Story portion. These are times when you get to pick each step of a mini story to determine the final outcome of a given situation. If any of you reading this are 80s kids like me, then you might want to think of them as mini versions of the popular "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from 1979-1998. After completing a story path, bonus items are revealed. You look for these bonus items in the next scene you search - but don't forget to find these bonus items, because they won't appear in your list.

The Mini Games of Dream Day First Home are so much fun, also! You play the mini games in order to unlock the attic bonus level. There are three mini games to choose from, and you get to play each one four times (for each home), in any order you choose. The three games are: Perfect Match, Puzzle Garden, and Fix-R-Upper. Perfect Match is a type of memory game with a few twists. Puzzle Garden has you match up corresponding yard and garden-related objects to clear the board. Fix-R-Upper was my favorite, and it is a game that lets you decorate and design things such as rocking chairs, storage trunks, quilts, etc. - but with a slot-machine twist to it. I don't want to give too much detail, so that's all I'll tell you about that mini game here.- you'll have to see it for yourself by playing the game. After you finish each game, a portion of the attic will be cleared away or remodeled. Once you complete all the games overall, you'll get to see a wonderful surprise!

A few other things I LOVED about this game were the music, scenery, and graphics. Hidden Treasures Realty offers you two gorgeous houses you can choose from to start your game. You can play the other house later, too - so it seems like you get two-games-in-one! One of the homes is the Victorian Home and the other is the Craftsman Home. The Victorian Home is just as it sounds - beautifully Victorian. The Craftsman Home is more of a classic style from around the 1930s. Even the beautiful music they play while in each home matches the home's style. Lovely Victorian-era music plays for the Victorian Home, and smooth, light-jazzy and easy-listening music plays while in the Craftsman Home. The graphics can't be beat, and you are given numerous, beautiful scenes to search. Some are: Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Susie's Garden Oasis, Kitchen, Library, Backyard, Columbia Hardware, Dream Home Paint & Tip, Helen's Fine Cookware, and more.

Here are a couple of tips for you: There are golden "magical nest" eggs hidden in the scenes. Some are bright gold and some are darker gold - look closely! Make sure to pick all of these up - because for every five you collect, you earn an extra hint. Also, make certain to make use of the stashed hints you have available. You can save yourself a good amount of time on the clock (the game also has an untimed version you can select if you like). Whenever you need a hint, there is an adorable little golden hummingbird who'll be happy to help you out.

In summary, what a fun, romantic, searching and decorating adventure this game was! I can't wait for the next game in the series to come out!

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Marblez Game Download

Avast! Put on your eye patch, Matey - a bedazzling journey awaits you in this next generation 3D action-puzzler! Aim, shoot, and match your way to a wild comic adventure. Find long lost treasure and unlock amazing power-ups as you venture into the stormy seas with your pirate. Immerse yourself in the Marblez experience!

Action packed levels.
Amazing power-ups.
Try to tackle Survival Mode.


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Pizza Chef Game Download

Play Pizza Chef and feel your taste and management senses sharpening! Imagine a cozy room, beautiful tables and chairs, neat tablecloths and, of course, a kitchen where the secrets of cooking pizza are being discovered! Increase the quality of your pizza by modernizing the equipment and training the staff. Earn bonuses by branching out your business and affiliating with rivals! This great combination of Match 3 and Time Management gameplay will satisfy even the most demanding of casual gamers.

Awesome bonuses and upgrades.
Mind-challenging mini-games.
Innovative gameplay!


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Mahjongg Ancient Mayas Game Download

Embark upon a fantastic journey to the secretive empire of the Mayas. Go back in time 2,000 years and discover the mysterious temples and fabulous treasures of this once so powerful culture! Play the adventure mode and try to solve the mystical puzzle surrounding the ancient temple of Tikal or simply select your favorite Mahjongg boards on over 300 layouts. Experience classical Mahjongg in an unprecedented atmosphere of detailed graphics and fantastic animations!

Classic and Adventure mode.
Creative level editor.
A variety of tilesets!


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Star Defender 4 Game Download Free Trial Or Full Version

Want more missions vs. cruel enemies? Here you go! It`s Star Defender 4, with 8 gigantic new missions, better weapons, uglier aliens and more! Jump right in as the battle heats up with a new war raging in the Galaxy! Pilot your way through more than 100 breathtaking levels filled with black holes to explore, strange spacecraft to attack and annoying insects to destroy! Prevent the destruction of humanity in
Star Defender 4!

Breathtaking levels.
Gigantic new missions.
Uglier aliens to destroy!


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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Game Review of MYSTERY IN LONDON - On The Trail Of Jack The Ripper

Oh, how I love a good mystery, and this game sure has one!!! I've played a lot of hidden object games, but Mystery In London really impressed me. This game is so popular, I just had to try it, and I'm so glad I did! Wow! If you like hidden object games, this is a game you will love. If you also love a good mystery, Mystery In London will be simply irresistible to you!

The game has a wonderfully mysterious-sounding soundtrack, great sound effects, and unbeatable graphics. The detail of the graphics and the life-like appearance was truly impressive. I felt like I was inside the scenes I played. Shown in the screenshot below are some of the options available to you, such as levels of sounds, etc. If you're playing for the first time, I recommend activating the "show tips" option - it gives great tutorial tips throughout the game.

When you first start a game, you can choose between "explorer mode" and "tourist mode." Choose tourist mode if you prefer to play leisurely without being timed against the clock. Explorer Mode is where you match your searching skills against a timer/clock during your whirlwind trip to London. Tourist Mode allows you to relax and enjoy a selection of locales with no time limit (see below).

Free Trial Download - Guaranteed Virus-free

Shown below is a screenshot of my first locale. I had the "show tips" option turned on, so one of the tutorial tips is displayed below. For example, to find a collectible, you can use the navigation controls to move around and find the hidden items listed at the bottom of the screen. In the scene I was currently searching, I was to find four books and one mysterious book. I also had the option for "show navigation arrows" activated, to I could navigate around the scene using the arrows or the controls at the bottom of the screen until I found a book. Once you find an item, you simply click on it to pick it up.

Along your journey, you keep a travelogue. In it, you will gather souvenirs of the major events of your adventure. It is also where you will tape all the clues you find during your London journey.

Free Trial Download

One great feature of the game is the "hint tool." If you're stuck and can't find all the items in a scene you're supposed to, you simply click on the hint button shown at the bottom mid-right of your screen while you're in a search scene/locale. You can use the hint button as much as you need to, but it will take a little time to reload between each use (see screenshot below).

Along with scenes/locales you visit and search, there are also a number of "mini games" you play during your London visit. Look below for a shot of one of the memory games. The games are great! They include memory games, reversi, a subway/bus track alignment game (like "Vines," "Snakes," "Pipe Dream," or "Pipe Mania" games), and more.

Look at the wonderfully mysterious scene below - if was a screenshot I took of one of the narrated mini-films I was shown when I found one of the major clues on my quest to find the trail of Jack the Ripper.

Along your journey, each time you visit a new location, you earn a stamp for your travelogue. Look at the shot below to see the great number and variety of locations you get to visit during the game! The places you can visit are: Buckingham Palace, Turnbull & Asser, Hamley's, Annex3, Westminster Mary's Chapel, Trumper, Piccadilly Circus, Segar & Snuff, Pollock's Dolls, Savoy Foyer, Savoy Bedroom, Westminster Confessor's Chapel, Prince Of Wales, Kew Palm Gardens, London Dungeon, HMS Belfast Shell Room, HMS Belfast Compass Room, Tower Bridge, Tower Of London Armory, Verde, Tower Of London Chapel, Whitechapel Yard, St. Paul's, A. Gold, Hemingford Arms Pub, Hurwundeki, and Whitechapel Foundry. After you complete a scene, you're also shown a "fun fact" about that scene. Very educational! I learned a lot of historical facts while playing the game from these fun facts! You can later click on the stamps to review the fun fact from a location you previously visited, too.

Download Mystery In London

Not only can you review past fun facts, but (see shot below) you also are given the ability to revisit locations you previously visited. This can come in very handy in case your memory needs to be refreshed about something. At a certain point in the game, you're given new tabs for your travelogue. A "scenes tab" is added that shows your collected stamps and allows you to revisit any place you previously visited. You're also given a "mini games tab" that lets you replay any mini games you have already played during your game.

Here's a shot of the London City Map that shows all the locations you can visit/search on your journey:

For those of us who don't have perfect eyesight, but love hidden object games, the magnifier tool in this game is wonderful! It enlarges/magnifies anything you point it at. You can use the magnifier at any time during the game, too.

The following screenshot is an example of another of the great clues you will encounter. I didn't want to give too much information away (and this pic doesn't) - just look at this wonderfully eerie picture:

Here is a great example of the top-quality graphics in the game. It looks completely life-like, doesn't it!?!?!?!? Look at the beautifully patterned carpet in the picture below - I felt like I was in that very room searching for clues!

Mystery In London is a rewarding, even educational, way to spend some time. It's NOT one of those cheaply-made, rinky-dink games someone can finish in just a few hours. There is a true mystery theme to this game, and it is wonderfully intriguing. I would rate this game very highly - an impressive piece all-around. No wonder Mystery In London is SO POPULAR! People are crazy about it! See what all the hype is about, and try it yourself.
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Farm Frenzy Game Review

FARM FRENZY is fantastic farm fun!!! Definitely a family-friendly game everyone can enjoy!

Seriously, I am already addicted to this fabulous game. It is a multi-level game with top-notch, bright, cheerful, quality graphics. I was in a better mood instantly when I started playing. I believe this game is a definite mood-lifter and stress-reducer for anyone who plays it. And isn't that what we all need nowadays - something cheerful and fun to brighten our days in this hectic life? It's a great way to escape our problems for a while. I loved it! Take my advice and give it a try.

If you like FARM 51, as I do, you will definitely love FARM FRENZY. There are a few similarities, such as buying animals for the farm, having your farm produce things to sell in town/the city, earning money to upgrade your farm, etc. However, the similarities are not so alike that it makes it seem like the same game. Not at all!! This one is created in such a way that it is a whole new world of farm fun!

You start out being greeted by fun screens filled with eye-catching graphics and a happy soundtrack playing in the background. Of course, there are sound and music options you can adjust if you wish. You enter your name for a more personalized experience. Here is a screenshot below to give you a glimpse of the great cartoon graphics:

Click here for a safe, free trial download of FARM FRENZY.

You work your way through levels of FARM FRENZY by meeting and/or exceeding certain goals for each level. You earn money and collect stars which you will use throughout the game. There are different fun things you can buy along the way, such as animals, cars for transporting goods to town for selling, storehouses for storing items, water wells (so your animals will have water for survival), and many more. New things you can buy are added sometimes, such as bakeries. Bakeries are used for creating baked goodies to sell. The levels are timed, and gold star or silver star bonuses are available for completion within a certain amount of time. Even if I didn't meet the time-bonus goals to make my level a gold star level or silver star level, I still got to complete the level in as long as it took me, so if you don't like to rush through a game for extra stars, don't worry, you can take as long as you want and just forfeit those bonus stars.

The game shows you quick instructions along the way of how to play. You are given a couple of geese to start out with. You plant grass and water the grass so the geese will survive and lay eggs. You need to replenish your water well by buying more water - the cost of refilling your well comes out of your bank total. You gather the eggs the geese lay, then sell them for money by sending the vehicle to town to sell the eggs. The bottom right-hand corner of the screenshot shows an icon of your farm with a road going to an icon of the city. When you send your vehicle to town to sell farm goods, your vehicle will be shown traveling and trucking along back and forth between the two icons. Cute! You can buy more geese to increase your egg production once you earn enough money to buy another goose (or geese). As shown below in this screenshot, the goal for the first level is to collect 4 eggs. For completing that goal, you will earn 30 gold stars. If you accomplish this within certain times, then you'll earn bonus stars and can even finish the level with a gold star or silver star. At the start of this level, you have $170 in your bank account (shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the screenshot). In the upper right-hand corner of the screenshot, it shows the level as starting out with having zero of four eggs collected so far. The upper left-hand corner of the shot shows the different animals you can buy (once they're lit up and have enough money to buy them) and how much each costs:

Once you complete your first goal or set of goals in a level and you are given your bonus and goal summary for those goals, you're taken to an overview screen of your
farm. Here's a screenshot I took right after completing my first goal:

Click here for a safe, free trial download of FARM FRENZY.

In the far left middle of the screenshot above, it shows 2 blue steps. The first one shows a gold icon above it - the gold icon shows I completed the first goal (level) with an earned gold star level bonus (I collected 4 eggs within one minute, so I earned the gold-level bonus stars). You could instead earn the silver star level bonus or no bonus. The next blue icon represents the next step (level) I'm to complete, and so on. I found I could even go back to previous levels to redo them if I wanted to improve my scores or try to earn the gold star level bonuses on some I hadn't before. Here is a screenshot of how it may look for you a little further into the game (note that there are also some silver star level bonus icons above a few of my levels and checkmarks on others - the checkmarks show I completed the level, but without any gold or silver bonus):

I completed the second level for my first fenced area, so now that fenced area is complete. Once you finish a level, then a new level will become available. For your next level, a new button shows up on your
farm overview screen in the bottom left-hand corner. It is the "shop" button. To open a new level, you stop by the shop to buy the plans for the stated building you need for that level, for example. Here's a screenshot of the available things in the shop at this stage of the game:

This next shot shows another fun aspect of
FARM FRENZY........bears! Bears throw your farm animals off the screen, and they can spoil the goods you worked hard for. You have to try to capture it and put it in a cage so you can sell it. You can earn money for selling the bears - fun! Once these intruders drop onto your screen, you click furiously with your left mouse button to quickly build a cage around the bear to capture it and send it to your storehouse for selling on your next town trip. No game would be complete without surprise challenges like intruders that destroy your hard work, right?!?!?!?! But what a fun way to do it. I love selling them - you get a lot of money for them! Yay! Here's a shot below of one of the little buggers in the process of being caged:

Another great aspect of the
game is the "awards" area. Once you complete certain special accomplishments, you're given an award for it, and it fills in the blank area of the award page with your award. Here's a shot of my awards screen after I received two awards. One was for capturing 100 bears (not all at one time, but collectively), and the other was for collecting 500 goods:

But enough about the details of
FARM FRENZY gameplay. There's lots more to accomplish and discover. I wanted to show you one more screenshot. It shows what your game screen might look like partway into the game. I wanted to just give you an idea of what some of the many options on upgrading buildings, cars, storehouses, etc. look like. I've got a few upgraded items in the pic below. One is a cat I purchased who scurries around collecting items for me and slinging them into my storehouse. I have an upgraded water well, egg-powder production house, bakery, car, storehouse, etc. There are different levels of upgrades, too. The pic below just shows a very few of the available ones:

I've played a LOT of PC games, and this is one of my favorites. I absolutely recommend this game
. FARM FRENZY is such a refreshingly fun game, and truly a delight to play. Enjoy!!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Svetlograd Game Download

You are the owner of the magnificent city of Svetlograd. Your rule is fair and your people are happy. Recently, however, evil imps have been ransacking your possessions and scaring your people! To eliminate the nasty monsters, you set up a cannon outside the city. Upgrade your cannon to make it more powerful, use an assortment of wild bonuses and find ancient treasures hidden throughout the levels. Become the hero of the magnificent city of Svetlograd!

Magical power-ups.
Catapult upgrades.
Discover ancient treasures!


Download Svetlograd

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